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Y ASSOCIA NAL CUD O E BUDD DL NATIONAL CUDDLE BUDDY ASSOCIATION Official Cuddle Buddy Application ON NATI TI NAME LAST D. WORST BEST CUDDLE POSITION preferred DESCRIBE YOUR FAVORITE CUDDLING POSITION IN A FEW SENTENCES. I hereby acknowledge that all information provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge and may be used in any official manner regarding this NCBA OFFICIAL CUDDLE BUDDY APPLICATION Form R1A hereby acknowledging that it will only be used in such a manner and will not be...
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Hey guys it's Olivia a lot of you guys have seen my Shawn Mendes VIP experience video I posted back in March and I keep getting questions about the very very important cover body application for a lot of people have been asking me if he has filled it out and a lot of people are saying like he should have fill it out and I agree with that I understand if he lost it but when he followed me I also DM did to him on Twitter so he doesn't really have any excuses for a reason not to fill it out so because I still haven't gotten that called a buddy application form there Shawn I'm making this video for those who have seen my experience video or follow me on Twitter probably already know this and for those who haven't I'll give you a little back story and what the cuddle buddy application form actually is I found out I would be meeting Shawn three months in advance and I had planned like my outfit by my meeting creepos I had everything planned for three months I was going to make him a bracelet with his name on it as well as a letter and in the envelope with his letter would be a cuddle buddy application form the comma buddy application form consisted of two sheets of paper one where I filled out my own form and the other one was blank so he could fill it out and like the Emmett to me just like all I guess was so cute and and anything please specify section I literally said that if this is a joke like you are not like tied down to me after you sign this like you're not stuck with me forever I just thought it would be funny like I thought it would make him stuff I just want make him laugh okay since you weren't supposed to really give anything to Shawn like in the meet-and-greet I open the letter and be like there's this form like you've gotta fill it out I had paints on and a float to like I literally I did all I could for him to see it from a mile and to not forget it are you Shawn but I am the real Slim Shady because I actually filled out my color buddy application for him after that happened and I he was like okay I promise I was like okay and we went upstairs and we went to soundcheck at soundcheck he actually didn't do a QA and since I project my voice very well I screamed about the cuddle buddy application for him and asked if he filled it out yet he promised me not only in the meet-and-greet black soundcheck that he would fill it out later and it is what April 30th it's not even like you have to sit down for an hour and do it like dude you can just look at it like check check three things that make you smile three things that you think are funny like that's all I asked for and then like five like yes or no questions and then if anything please specify section if you have anything you don't have to specify but of course I specified like this is just a joke wanted to make you laugh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha if there was a deadline on this form I would have no hope but there's not because I did put one on it and Olivia's auto body farm I thought the...